Tummy Tuck

Understanding Tummy Tuck: Purpose & Procedure

You may feel self-conscious of any excess fat or skin that may lay at the bottom of your stomach, and you may feel weak due to this excess fat. A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, can remove this excess fat and skin and create a flatter, more appealing stomach that you can feel confident about.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

When it comes to giving yourself the stomach that you want, sometimes it can be achieved through diet and exercise, but that’s not always possible for everyone. Sometimes, a little extra help is needed to achieve the look that you’re wanting. Things like aging, pregnancy, and significant weight fluctuation can increase the look of a pouch at the bottom of your tummy and can make you feel nervous about others noticing that. It is important to understand that a tummy tuck is not a substitution for weight loss but is designed to help you shed some of the sagging skin at the bottom of your stomach area.

It’s important to understand the steps of the procedure so that you know what to expect going into a tummy tuck. Your doctor will help you decide whether full sedation or anesthesia is the best choice to keep you comfortable during this procedure. A horizontal incision will be made between the belly button and the top of the pubic hairline, and the excess skin and fat will be trimmed.

Once the excess skin is trimmed, your doctor will close the incision and you’ll be done! You’ll notice instant results once the procedure is done, and you can feel happy having the flat stomach that you’ve been working for.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "Completed the full series of EMSCULPT NEO on my abs and I cannot believe how much of a difference it made so quickly. EMSCULPT NEO minimized the extra padding on my abs and tightened the skin some to reveal the muscle underneath. It yielded visible results within a week of completion and tangible loss of a full dress size—almost two. I can finally feel the deeper abdominal muscles I’ve missed since having kids."
    Caroline M.
  • "I was a bit nervous about getting EMSCULPT NEO on my bum because I assumed it’d be painful, but it’s not painful at all. And the results have blown me away. Not only can I see a huge difference in the mirror, but I feel so much stronger powering up hills on my bike, and can work harder at the gym. I had no idea how much could happen in 6 weeks!"
    Pamela R.
  • "I recently completed a series of EMSCULPT NEO treatments on my abdomen and have been very impressed with the results thus far. Even after the second treatment I could already see a substantial difference in the size and definition of my abs. Now that I’m just over 3 months out, I can see even more of the fat in my lower abdomen shrinking and fading away. I also have greater core strength which has allowed me to push harder in my workouts."
    Anthony C.